Based on your personality we alter our way of photographing your wedding via our unique style, friendly approach and eye for detail...

Contemporary - Candid

A more natural approach to photography. A mix of documentary style and an unobtrusive way of getting the best photos with a low key interaction. Focusing on more about the emotions of the day, without being too direct.


A photography style based on more of a traditional approach. Focusing on the family and creating softly choreographed memories of the day. The images will carry soft elegance and classic flavour.

Art - Fashion Style

A fresh approach to Weddings from candid and life filled photos to a highly sophisticated fashion style. Zita Kiss Photography specialises in Fashion and Portrait photography and the quality of work is translated into Wedding Photography which breaks conventions taking your photos to the next level.

How it can change photograph into Artwork?

Taking photos is one of the joyous parts of the life of a photographer. Working with the given light and use it to sculpture the mood of photos.

After the photos have been taken, there is so much more to a photo to be perfected and extra quality and feel of art to it...

We only add as much additional work as you personally prefer, however we are capable of doing magazine quality retouch process if required.