• Couples or individuals
    Personalized photo sessions
    You can come alone, with friends or loved ones. We will find the right place and creative idea what you feel confortable with and expresses your true personality.

    It can be a relaxed outdoor shoot, studio photo session or a simple head shot for your business or linked-in account.

    Send an enquiry from our contact page to get a personalised quote to suit your ideas and the budget the best .
  • Couples photography
  • Children modelling..
    Does you child has the potential?
    We beleive no child should be forced front of the camera.
    Only children who has naturally open personality, patience, determination and passion for providing a consistent persona for the photos should be sent to modelling agencies.

    For many children can be a traumatic experience to be put into a reflector light.
    So why not try without the pressure or stress if your child is a natural front of the camera and has a great potential?
    Contact us about our relaxed trial portfolio packages.
  • Family portraits
    How is your family like?
    Lively, busy and easy going? Well nothing suits you more than our "mobile studio" set up in the convinience of your home.

    You do not need to bring the children and the family pet accross the city into a studio. Feel relaxed and in control in your own environment, while I will create a perfect studio lighting environment there and I offer a range of background options to achieve a professional look to the photos.

    And if you have a garden or near by park. we can finish up the shoot with some "nature inspired" photos.
  • Kids
    We grow up together...
    When you find a photographer you click with, it can grow into a long term relationship. I was lucky enough to follow the wondeful moments of babies growing up front of my camera. It is always precious to make connection with the family for one occasion or to be the family photographer for years to come.

    It also make it easier for the kids knowing the photographer on longer term and feeling comfortable with her. Look out for our saving with "We grow up together packages".
  • The "little ones"
    Creative photography
    You will never love someone as you love your children. It is just a different kind of love..people say. Newborns are the best example of this, as their innocence, tender presence makes everyone to melt around them.
    However small children are not easy to photograph in that sense that they do not engage with the camera, many times their emmotional reactions are not so obvious. So create photography around the little ones, is more about finding positions, tiny expressions, a look, a nose wiggle, a little yone that express it all and becomes an admired nostalgia photo from that short period of our journey before they grow further..
  • Cheeky kids
    Pregnant photography
  • Children photography
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Based on your personality we alter our way of photographing you, or your loved ones via our unique style, friendly approach and eye for detail...

Discuss your plan with the photographer

Free consultation is the start (either personal, via the phone&e-mails) to hear your ideas and get to know more about your (and the people you would like to have photos with). It's important part of of our relationship to how you see yourself, how you want be seen so the shoot can be personalised for you. Your ideas and preferences has key importance to make you feel involved and relaxed, to create memorable memories & beautiful images around your own personal story to remember. We also recommend ideal locations, creative ideas and guide you through the best photography package you need.

Choose the location

There is a big change in trends and photography is no exeption. There is a more natural approach prefered these days, with fresh creative ideas and relaxed settings. Many people prefer to have their professional portraits done on an outdoor location, capturing real life moments and having more fun. In case of the weather is not ideal, the shoot can be done in their own home with a mobile studio set up for their convenience, saving time and stress of travel.

Studio portraits are also available creating crisp professional photos with an edge & creative difference.

What to wear and bring?

For outdoor and natural shots have a comfortable outfit that compliments your body type and features and suits the location. Try to avoid heavy stripes, dotts and logos. It's a good idea to bring a bag of accessories including different scarfs, hats etc. and the photographer can help to add finishing touches on the location.

For studio shots the clothing can be more sophisticated and urban.

If you are afte portfolio or glamour shots, we can provide you very useful advices about hair, make up and styling.

As part of the discussion of your photography pakcage you will be adviced with more details about how to prepare for the shoot, after we know more about your plans. On the day, only one thing will be left for you to do: have fun and enjoy your time.


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We provide personalised packages to best suit your needs and budget

The pricing of the packages based on the time we have to spend on the shoot and the time we spend retouching images. Our prices in the comperasion of value for money are very favourable.

There are so many oprtions to choose from. And we will provide you package information based on your preferences.

Prices start from as small as $75 for individuals and we have a wide range of more extensive and luxurious packages for any kind of demand.

We not only create beautifully retouched photos, but also create artwork and montages from your imagesion on to be a stylish and magnificent decoration on your wall.

The level of service you will get it depends on your needs, no forced sale or set packages fits all. Either you want to keep it simple or have something extra you are welcomed.