• Editorial style
    Product photography with an edge
    Create a difference: there are a large array of products on the world wide market, to attract clients the product not only need to be prestinely presented but most of the time has a company image, a feel, life style applied to it. Many times it looks like art work other than straight forward produc shot.

    This photography job needs expert lighting and creative thinking that can be adapted into a strong image.
  • Catalogue style
    Studio product photography
    Keep it simple and product focused: studio photography provides the best and most balance lighting and background consistency.

    As simple this may look like, each product has a "personality" that challenges the photographer, a shinny reflective surface or darker dint in the design..regardless the final outcome has to be a balanced image with almost no reflection. This is the art of lighting and refine understanding of lighting principals.

  • Editorial illustration
    For businesses and entrepreneurs
    There is more to a complex product than it's appearance; texture, shape and colour. The product has an image, a "persona", it creates craving, desire, envy or admiration. But most of all: it tells about it's creator or about the people it is made for...

    To tell the story of the source of insparation, the idea or thoughts behind it needs an interpreteur: the photographer who can translate all that into a single or series of photographs.

    A good editorial photo is well communicating with its auidence, as it is formulated the way on to reach that particular generation, life style model or gender.
  • Editorial Portraits
    Expressing the personality
    If you are a unique business/entrepenaur, you may want to focus your PR and marketing photos around the person who created the starting seed of thoughts, who made the business successful with it's own efforts.

    People many times also had been approach by media given an opportunity for a featured article etc. Either it is something for you buisness, media or your own blog that needs tailored photos with deep understanding about the essence of the persona we treat it with the same distincitve care.

  • Advertisements
    Creative product photography
    Product photography cannot be taken light heartedly. It reflects the image of your product, create desire, accurately and stylishly shows the best features. The photographer needs to apply a creative edge, fantastic lighting skills, attention to detail and full understanding of the selling point and target group of the product.

    This style of photography not just a great way to produce advertisement images but they are very suitable to enhance your web design with.
  • Industrial photogaphy
    Illustration for web, brochures etc.
    These photos many times recommended to be done in studio environment. But depend on the size of the product we are also happy to assist with on location photography.

  • Editorial publications...
Feature image

The power of editorial images...

We live in a visual world and it is effecting our shopping habits not only on a personal way of on-line shopping, but also about getting a feel about the product and the company behind on a larger scale. There is no easier way to do that than checking out the web site of the company. This is the future, as beside expensive TV, magazine or radio advertisement, the only relatively inexpensive way to promote and increase brand awareness is the internet.

So why editorial photography? Because the clients not only want to see how the product looks like, but they want to know more about the company behind it or in case of fashionable items, they want to identify themselves with the product via theimage created, a message delivered or lifestyle feel connection. You have less than 2-5 minutes to impress them with the first look of the website and good editorial stylish photos are one of the best ways to create an impressive web design, a good magazine ad etc.

Creative and conceptual imagery

Many businesses has already a strong company identity or even a formed advertisment campagne when they are in the need of product photography. We have many years of marketing and advertisiemt experience, so understanding your creative brief is something what we do with an ease and the delivered photography will be done with full consideration to your needs.

For smaller businesses and entrepanours we also provide breifing sessions if their company idendity, their marketing plans are still froming but they want to have their products out on the market. We help to summerize concepts and then create quality images that improve your brand's image and helps to sell the products. We fully gain understanding about where and how the images will be used so we can provide the most suitable composition, size, format and retouch work.

Feature image

The quotes has to be done with the broad knowledge of the photography project. We only tell you in advance one thing: our prices are extremely competitive...

The pricing of the packages based on the time we have to spend on the preparation, set up and execution of the shoot, plus the time we spend retouching images, the type of media will be used and size of the final outcome. Our prices in the comperasion of value for money are very favourable.

There are so many oprtions to choose from. And we will provide you with a detailed quote so you can assemble the ideal package you need.

A meeting is a good occasion to have a relaxed conversation about your needs and the best prices we can provide you with.