• Editorial Portraits
    Modern uplifting editorial style portraits
    Have more style to your professional portraits.

    Add personality to your staff photos to reflect a professional and friendly attitude. Have an instant connection with your future clients via the staff photos on your web site.

    The old saying hasn't changed: "the first impression that matters" in this case this is what can make a big difference.
  • Corporate Portraits
    Headshots and character portraits
    We not only photograph people but we create crafted portraits around presonalities for publications and web sites.

    We also creat life style inspired shots to tell a story and a feel to your company and it's approach towards people.

    High quality retouch work is also available to polish the images to magaznine publication quality photographs.

    This service is also open for individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • Corporate Events
    Tailored event photography
    Events are investments into your inter-relationships with future or present clients, prospect investors, shareholders etc.

    Organizing events can be costly and it is hard to imply it's real influence on your business. It's need to be recorded and there is nothing better than telling it's success in pictures.

    A professional photographer understands how to approach people and get the best angles, moments captured on the most impressive way.
  • Art & Fashion Events
    Fashion show for Loreal Fashion Week
    Fashion photography is our passion, where visuality combines with creative ideas.

    Working with fashion designers, we participated on fund rasing fashion shows as well under the umbrella of Loreal Fashion Week .

    Photographing and graphic designing their marketing campaing poster, photographing their cataloge lines as well their editorial shots for brochures, web and magazine publication purposes.

  • Charity events
    Fund raiser - Free medical treatment in Nepal
    One of the fashion show fundrasers - Melbourne - Long Room.

    Supporting medical research and local comminities with our voluntary photography work.

    Together for a better world. Donating our work for important causes is part of our philosophy.
  • Community work
    We contribute to non-profit organizations

    Working together with local communities.

    Being part of Melbourne cultural divesity inspired environment.

  • Fashion events...
  • Professional events for organizations
Feature image

You can have "good enough" images, but only the best photographs can make your business apart from the competitiors...

Increased competitiveness in the property market has created a high demand for quality real estate photography. To have the property photos done by a true professional gives incomparable advantage among other agencies. The average buyer/tenant goes through many property listing and unappealing photos, that are dark & colorless shows a dull atmosphere and spoil the excitement of visiting the property. As they scrolling through the property,   there is only few minutes to impress.

There are things what only a professional photographer can do:

 - The use of portable lighting to uplift dim inner lighting and helps to eliminate small and dungeon look on the photographs),

 - Process images with HDR (high dynamic range) and an extensive software environment to guarantee a professional look

 - Covering the best architectural angles with inviting warmth of color and intensity of details.

Good photographs are the best start for a successful real estate deal resulting quick turnover of properties, rising revenue and satisfied clients.

Many photography agencies can be very expensive, while the cheaper services, well most of the time provide not as good quality images. Our secret is high qualification in professional photography and low overheads to be very competitive.

We offer a free test shot of a property for your agency. I’m looking forward to achieve results together and to collaborate with a great team.

Contact us for more information on prices and you will be surprised how we can combine quality services with fantastic prices.

Feature image

There is a big difference between normal single shot real estate photography or high dinamic range quality photography...

The pricing of the packages based on the time we have to spend on location and the time we spend retouching images. Our prices in the comperasion of value for money are very favourable.

There are so many oprtions to choose from. And we will provide you package information based on your preferences.

A meeting is a good occasion to have a relaxed conversation about your needs and best prices we can provide you.